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April 2022

We Are Moving!!

Brooke's Crazy Creations - A variety of Hand Crafted, homemade gifts for all occasions.

Hello and welcome to Brooke's Crazy Creations. We are so happy you have found us. We are excited to announce that we are in the process of moving! What this means: Sadly, all of our inventory is packed up and ready to move to our new location. So, for now, we are not accepting orders of new made-to-order product or on-hand product.

We are moving out of California. (Something that's been a long time coming.)

Where are we headed?? We have no idea. Our oldest is graduating 8th grade and as soon as we're done celebrating his fantastic accomplishment we are hitting the road and heading across America. We plan to have a ton of fun seeing as many sites and places in as many states as possible. We'll also be looking at houses along the way. We don't know which state we will end up calling home. When we find it.... we'll know. Once we are settled and everything is moved into our new home; we will reopen our shop and continue to make the products and gifts you've come to love.

Etsy Shop

We have also put our Etsy Shop in vacation mode. Once we're all settled we will reopen there as well. Although there will be a few changes. Etsy isn't as seller friendly as it used to be. They continue to up their fees and limit the products we are allowed to sell. I will still be selling there... but some of the products won't make it back over to their platform and will be exclusive to the Brooke's Crazy Creation website. As sad at that is... This also means that I will be able to expand my inventory here. All new products will be here first, I will be able to do more sales and sneak-peeks of new products. Be sure to subscribe so that you get ALL the new info first!

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Our road trip will be extraneous, I plan to take MANY pictures of our trip and the fun we'll be having. I'll also be taking pictures of the knitting I'll be doing along the way. There are some hobbies I won't be able to NOT continue. Knitting is relaxing for me, so I have a bunch of yarn set aside specifically for our trip and a new book of patterns to try. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @ BrookesCrazyCreations

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