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September 2023

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


We have set up shop in a local business! We've rented two spaces for our products!

Come visit us at The Main Street Mercantile 6271 Main Street, Georgetown, CA 95634

You will find a wide variety of handcrafted products all made by local artisans. You name it, they have it. I pick up quite a few of our Christmas Gifts there every year.

Several of my friends have space in there. I own their blankets and jewelry. I love being able to support them without them knowing it was me.

Here are some photos of the other vendor products:

And here are the photos of our NEW areas:

We still have more to bring up. Plus things will move and change as we sell out of stuff or create more. Wyatt is excited because he LOVES pyrography. So I told him I would design and draw the coasters or signs and he can burn them. Then I'll stain, paint and seal them. He will get a portion of the profit, which will then go to his new-to-him vehicle. (Which he paid half for, he's also bought all the parts to fix it up.) Caitlyn is excited because she LOVES to make candles and some of the bath/spa products. So she and I will be making those together and she will get half the profit. (Which will go into her bank account after she purchases the new headset she wants for the Xbox.) I love that I am able to give them the ability to be creative and show them that you can sell what you create. Not only do you get the happiness out of the creative process, but you get the profit that will go towards your personal goals.

Thank you to all who made this new and exciting step possible. I am forever grateful for you. AND we're SO excited about this next step.

Halloween projects are going in soon, some of the wreaths are already there. More pictures to come as we spend time getting ready for the holiday season. (And I'll include the other vendors in the upcoming blogs... you may be looking for something I don't have....but they do.)

Have a wonderful end of September! Thank you for supporting our small business.

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