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April 2023

Have you checked out our New Boutique yet?

Welcome to Brooke's Crazy Creations where Handmade meets Dropship

We have so many New products this coming month. Look for NEW things every week! And if you haven't checked out the New Handmade Seasonal Wreaths, be sure to check back often for the latest.

Boutique supplies are limited, so be sure to order yours today!

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The difference between Boutique and not Boutique

The Boutique Categories are all Drop-shipped products. Any category that doesn't say Boutique before it, means it's handmade by Brooke, one of Brooke's kids or a Friend of Brooke. Drop-shipped products are all limited to what my sellers have in stock, once it's gone, it may not come back, so be sure to get yours while supplies last! Anything Handmade can most likely be duplicated by Brooke or the person hand-crafting the products.

New This Month, April 2023

Not only do we have New products coming in this month, but we have all New Categories for Products. Be sure to check into the Sales dropdown Menu to check out the New Categories. (The New This Month Category will continue to change up monthly products.) Check in weekly to see what is New for the week.

Brooke's Crazy Creations VIP Group

We have been working on this all month, and we have finally put into fruition our VIP Facebook Group. This is somewhere to see what's New before it comes out. You can also have a voice in what comes in, what you're looking for and what may sell better than other things. This is also where you will find EXCLUSIVE Sales and Discounts ONLY for out VIP members. This group is a Private Facebook Group, thereby protecting you, protecting your opinions or things you are looking for and protecting my VIP Exclusives. Join us here:

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