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The Penney Family

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About Brooke's Crazy Creations

About Brooke and her Family

As a person diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and several Anxiety related struggles, crafting allows me to step out of my head and create something that brings joy to myself and others. Soon after starting a blog about my life and journey with Depression, I decided to post (on Facebook and my blog) some of the paintings and other crafts that keep me busy. At the time my children were in school. So being home alone day after day, I needed an outlet. Several friends suggested that I post on Etsy to see what may come.
Most my products have been given as gifts to friends and family, donations to school and charities, and other such things. Selling had never crossed my mind. When my Etsy Shop started becoming more popular I was told I should start a website, so that I can reach a larger clientele. 

Crafting is my outlet and something I will continue to do. Which will help me grow my inventory.
Currently my children are homeschooling. Being with me 24/7 they've also been able to enjoy helping and making crafts with me. Some products may have been made by one of my children. Most are mine. The kids have also been helping with product photography and packaging. As well as new ideas of new products things to try out.
Candles are an example of one. I hadn't made candles in more than 20 years, my children wanted to try it and they turned out better than expected and has since become my Number 1 seller on Etsy. The kids help out with these often, so if their candle sells they also receive the commission which helps them learn to save and manage their own bank accounts.

I can't to see what we come up with next. More products are soon to come to Brooke's Crazy Creations.

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