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Brooke's Crazy Creations Handmade Cards


All cards are handmade.

Most envelopes are also handmade and do not have the seal, you can either use glue or the supplied Sticker that comes with each Handmade Card. 

All cards are available to purchase individually or in sets. If you need to personalize them or are looking for specific colors, please message me BEFORE purchasing. (Can add Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, etc to the cards.) I will work with you to create the perfect card. Individual cards will be mailed out within 2-5 business days. Sets will need additional time, therefore please allow up to two weeks for the set to be completed and shipped. 

We will try to mail them out to you as fast as possible, if there are concerns or are needed within a certain time period, please message me BEFORE ordering and I will work with you. 
Please remember certain times of the year are busier than others, (ex. Christmas) which can also cause a delay in time. Please allow for mail slowdowns, product development, etc. 
(We will strive to get it to you as fast as possible.)
Some cards may require extra postage. (Please check with your local post office for that information.)

Pricing of cards is based on the size and complexity of the creation of the card. 


Can be bought individually or in sets of 4 or 8. 


Styles include:

Butterfly 3.5x3.5 All Occasion Card

                White and  Purple

                White and Blue

Happy Birthday TriFold Card

Baby Feet Congratulations Card




Paw Print All Occasion Card

               Blue and Black

               Gold and Black

Sea Shell Card

Happy Birthday Cake 3D Box 



Happy Birthday 3D Foldout Box


Summer Fun All Occasion 3D Foldout Box

5" Circle Flower

               White Flowers and Leaves on a Green Background.

Handmade Cards

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