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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I've owned and operated Brooke's Crazy Creations for a couple years now. When my Etsy Shop started to take off I was advised to start a Website and market to a new and different audience. Here's my story.

As a person diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and several Anxiety related struggles, crafting allows me to step out of my head and create something that brings joy to myself and others. Soon after starting a blog about my life and journey with Depression, I decided to post (on Facebook and my blog) some of the paintings and other crafts that kept me busy and not focusing on the depression. At the time my children were in school. So being home alone day after day, I needed an outlet. Several friends suggested that I post on Etsy to see what may come. I took their advice and I'm ever so grateful that I did.

Most my products had been given as gifts to friends and family, donations to school and charities, and other such things. Prior to this selling had never crossed my mind. I set up the Etsy Shop not knowing what, if anything would happen. When things weren't really going the way I'd hoped. I decide to take a course on Selling on Etsy. Boy am I ever glad I did. I rearranged my shop and within a another month I got my first (non-friend) sale. Since that time I have sold quite a bit. (The Square Candles are my best seller currently.)

Crafting is my outlet and something I will continue to do. Knitting is something I do at night after dinner while the family is watching TV or doing their own thing. I'm one of those people that need to keep my hands busy while I watch TV. I have plans to add more to my store, both here and Etsy. Christmas (and other) Ornaments are soon to come. As are more of my pyrography projects. I have several sets of coasters that will be going up soon. I just need to finish sealing and applying the backs. Earrings are another project that will be growing. I have Christmas earrings up on my Etsy Page. But I have plans for more year-round wearability earrings.

Currently my children are homeschooling. (Thank you Covid.) Being with me 24/7 they've also been able to enjoy helping and making crafts with me. Some products may have been made by one of my children. Most are mine. The kids have also been helping with product photography and packaging. As well as new ideas of new products things to try out. The Candles are an example of one of their ideas. I hadn't made candles in more than 20 years, my children wanted to try it and they turned out better than expected and has since become my Number 1 seller on Etsy. The kids help out with these often, they randomly make candles while they're bored. If the candle they made sells they also receive the commission which helps them learn to save and manage their own bank accounts. They've been a real help for several of my big orders. The time and process to make the candles take me around a week once I start it. Candles definitely have their learning curve. I tried and failed several times before I finally found what works for us. (Big snow storms lately and power outages have hindered our production. Cold rooms don't work as well as you'd think for candle solidification.)

Because I have another Blog (That I suck at keeping up on.) I won't be blogging here much. I will keep my blogs to a minimum so as not to SPAM people. I know when I subscribe to peoples stores or blogs, I don't want 2 or 3 a week. once a month or every couple weeks is fine. So keeping that in mind. I will keep my mailers to a minimum. If you subscribe, you will receive New Product Notifications, Sale Notifications and Coupons, but not much more than that.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for your purchases. AND Thank you for supporting my Small Business! I'm really excited for this next step.

I can't to see what new products we come up with.

More products are soon to come to Brooke's Crazy Creations.

Thank you again,

Brooke Penney Owner and Crafter

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