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Valentine's Sale and New Products

Announcing my first Valentine's Sale running now through February 7th.

Candle orders must be in by January 30th in order for me to get them out to you.

Click on the picture to take you to the sale:

I've also added new products this week.

Be sure to check out all the knitting sections. I have new baby, teen and adult knit hats. I also added a new Shawl, in purple.

Coming Soon!

I have been hard at work creating a new line of Pillar Candles. There will be a variety of sizes, including melts.

The Pillar Candles will be available in all the scents I have posted on the Descriptions Page. The colors will correspond to the scent, just like my Square Candles.

My goal for the 2021 year is to bring in more styles of candles.

Including Snowflake candles. I've made one so far and it turned out better than we expected. That picture will come soon.

COASTERS I have several new sets of Coasters that will be available after February 8th. They are almost ready, just a few finishing touches I hope to have completed soon. I'm excited about them, they all have different motivational sayings. Something I put into the works for myself. I'm really bad about saying my daily affirmations, I always forget. Thanks to my house being for sale all my sticky notes with all the various affirmations have been taken down and put in a safe place for the next house. I had to come up with a new idea and decided that burning (pyrography) my favorite affirmations into coasters seemed the easiest way for me to still see them without the tackiness of post it's everywhere. I have several sets in addition to my own now, and like I said they just need some finishing touches before I can take pictures and put them on the Website. The Customized coasters will also be back up on the site after the 8th.


One last item. Hopefully this weekend I will be posting some of the new Bath, Body and Spa products that my kids and I have been trying out. (You know...Quality Control.) I also gave out some new products for Christmas and the feedback I've gotten as been FABULOUS. So I'm super stoked to be releasing those shortly!

Thank you for supporting my small business.

Brooke Penney

Owner of Brooke's Crazy Creations

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